Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nabbed after paying for hotel room with stolen credit card

KOTA KINABALU: Their joy from enjoying the fruits of a robbery was short-lived when a young robber and his girlfriends were nabbed while staying at a hotel.

The silly 25-year old male had used a stolen credit card to pay for a hotel room in Tanjung Aru and this was subsequently reported to the man who lost his credit card.

“The arrests followed a police report lodged by a 48-year-old businessman, who was robbed at his residence in Inanam last Wednesday, at 2.30am,” Deputy city police chief Superintendent M. Chandra said yesterday.

The businessman said he was outside his house when two masked men accosted him. One held a knife to the neck while the other pointed a pistol at him.

“Later that morning, the victim was informed by a bank that his credit card had been used to pay for a hotel room in Tanjung Aru,” Chandra told a press conference.

With the information, police arrested the two suspects, the 25-year-old robber and his 21-year-old girlfriend, at the hotel.

Chandra said police were tracking the third accomplice.

Police seized a fake pistol, a switchblade and a chain from them among several other stolen items.

Source : Borneo Insider


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